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FIRE THROUGH SPIRIT is in for BIG changes!

Corbie Mitleid

Since the fall of last year, I have been working with the extraordinarily talented Bernadette Carter-King of Building Beautiful Souls, recreating this website from the bones out. And to do the final fluff-and-buff, the “curtain has to come down” on our old website for a few weeks in order for us to clear the decks and make Ma Feathers’ new Nest solid, secure and superb.

It will look completely different. There will be over a hundred new blog posts, Ask Corbie questions and other items to encourage you to think, to explore, and to be active in the world in whole bunches of delicious new ways.

You'll still have the calendar, the contact information, the newsletter toggle -- but you will also have ways to respond, to share things on your social media, and truly interact more with me, and I am looking forward to that more than I can say!

On June 17, we'll be down for an hour or so. And then, we'll come blazing back with what will feel like a whole new FIRE THROUGH SPIRIT universe.

Mark your calendar, bookmark this page -- and don't forget to join us on June 17!


I will be doing two shows and one workshop weekend before the new site goes up, and you can find the information here:

In Kitchener Ontario from May 15-18, it’s the First Star Psychic Fair:

May 30-31, it’s Karmafest in Hunt Valley, MD:

And June 6-7, I will be doing workshops and readings at The Peace Within in Medina NY:

Interested in my readings and other services? Look below!

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Readings and Other Services

There are several different ways to access spiritual and practical information. Read through this page carefully and discover which session is right for you! General sessions are available in person at fairs and expos, and via phone or SKYPE. All readings are recorded for you via MP3 (if via phone or SKYPE) or CD (if in person).

General Readings ($200 per hour, minimum 30 minutes)

GENERAL readings deal with practical matters (home, family, work, finances, etc.), one’s spiritual road, speaking with loved ones who have passed, or spirit guide conferences. Sessions are currently available by phone or in person. If past lives come through, they are spontaneous, do not get any kind of “background” reading, and are a general sketch rather than a detailed examination. For those who are interested in deep and detailed investigations into their past lives, please request my SOUL PLAN READING.

Create Your Sentence of Passion ($350; 90 minute session)

So many people are at a crossroads these days when it comes to direction. Far from being merely “what am I supposed to do now?” it becomes “what do I do with the rest of my life?” In this specialized consultation, I work with you to identify what you want your life to say to the world! Your sentence of passion is not who you are, or what you do, or even how you do it – it’s the legacy you will bequeath to every encounter. Included in this session price is your complete Numerology Life Report, to examine which gifts you selected for this incarnation will bring your sentence of passion to life, and a short General reading in the wrap up portion of the session.

Brainstorm Your New Age Business ($350; 90 minutes)

Let’s be honest – even the New Age has a business sector. Why is it that some Lightworkers thrive no matter the business climate, and others fall by the wayside no matter how good they are? In this intensive, Corbie – who has taken her full-time career from zero to cosmic with an international following in a decade – helps you come up with the name, the branding, and the core of your business vision, and shares her take on marketing, client relations, money sanity and everything that makes the difference between surviving and thriving in today’s economy. Even if your business is only a dream right now, this is the consultation for making it a reality! (It is recommended, but not required, that you have done the Sentence of Passion Consultation previously).

Brainstorm Your New Age Business Consultations include a short General reading in the wrap up portion of the session.

YOUR SOUL’S PLAN Readings ($400; includes 5 hours of preparation on my part plus one hour on the phone with the client)

Many people who have read about my work in Robert Schwartz’s books, YOUR SOUL’S PLAN and YOUR SOUL’S GIFT are so intrigued by the idea of pre-birth planning that they contact me for a “pre-birth reading” for themselves.

This type of reading is directed specifically toward your life challenges: the particular issues that you find always stopping you from your highest and best in this lifetime. It differs from a “regular” reading in that it goes very deeply into core issues that have affected you throughout this incarnation, rather than future blueprinting or general “where do I go from here?” inquiries.

I do not see the pre-birth planning session directly, and I do not retrieve dialogue from the planning sessions. In YOUR SOUL’S PLAN and YOUR SOUL’S GIFT my specialties were past life retrieval with specific focus on lives directly affecting you in this incarnation; karmic tracking; examining current relationships and how they have played out previously; and connecting with your own Soul or Higher Self for you.

To schedule your reading or consultation, call 877-321-CORBIE or email me at Corbie at